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Life can be complicated and stressful.  Some tasks can be just too overwhelming. Moving is one of them.  If you are working all day, have families to take care of or have physical challenges, the thought of packing up ones house and moving can be daunting.  In some cases, simple renovations can be done to enhance ones current living situation.  In other cases moving may be necessary when it is time for a new lifestyle change.

DesignMove Solutions was conceived to help with all these tasks.  We provide design and management services tailored specifically for our clients' individual needs. We'll take the stress off your hands and help manage a smooth transition.

We start with a complimentary in-home consultation to discuss your living goals so we can recommend a strategy to service your needs.

Pam Gentilucci - Founder

Pam has a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design from Drexel University. With over 40 years of experience in the design industry, primarily commercial office planning and relocations, Pam created DesignMove Solutions to help people transition their lives and living environment.


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